About Our Company

Sweets by June began many years ago when Auntie Junie’s cookies were first created by June Thorburn. An avid baker, June always tried new recipes and “sweets” were her specialty. She created a Chocolate Chip Cookie that was different from your ordinary chip. All my life I’ve heard the same sentence “Did Junie make her cookies?” Family members, friends and co-workers wait in excitement for the next gathering just to get to indulge in Junie’s famous Chocolate Chip Cookie. My mom became well known for her unique “secret recipe.” It’s not only the recipe that’s unique, it’s the love she has put into all her baking that shows through in her creations. People have always encouraged her to sell them. Now, in 2008, we have begun her Sweets by June Cookie Company. We hope you will enjoy them as much as our family has for the past 25 years.

Experience the tradition,
Lisa Novello
Sugar Hearts